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Our business was started in 1999 with the

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 consumer in mind. We added a DBA specializing in women's footwear in 2000 and hope to continue to add to the fashion community in the future.

It has been our mission to provide the latest, sexiest and most unique styles in via brazil swimwear, club/dance wear, lingerie, swimwear, footwear and more. We research every line of

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 we carry to ensure the best quality at the best prices. New items, categories and manufacturers are added frequently so we welcome you to check with us often for the latest offerings.

It has been our goal to create a place where people can come together in a bright, open and friendly atmosphere to share in a common interest in

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. Where the shopping is easy, the selection of

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 is large and the surroundings are pleasant. We have incorporated our community feeling with outstanding customer service and client loyalty.

Additional Item Information:
G-String - A panty that features a triangular patch of fabric that is put together with thin elastic straps, completely exposing the derriere.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Is my information secure?
One of the main reasons consumers hesitate to shop online is the concern over security. While it is arguable whether submitting credit card information over the web poses a high risk, the bottom line for you as a consumer is that you must be concerned with security. Sexy Creations uses SSL (secure socket layer) to secure your information. A closed lock or solid key indicates a secure connection. If you do not see this secure connection at "checkout", PLEASE do not fill in the form and notify us immediately. Your information is processed and stored in a completely secure environment. Your information will never be sold or used by anyone other than Sexy Creations Inc. only to offer goods and services. For more information, please see our Security & Privacy policies.

Customer Tesitmonials:
Dear Kim, I am very astonished with your offer to refund the purchase price of the garment that was lost in the mail. Thank you. I realize it is not your company's fault but, none the less, you are standing by your product and your company's reputation - all to make sure the customer is satisfied and to "do the right thing". Put simply, this is a class act. Honesty, integrity and simply "doing the right thing" are the essential building blocks of any good company. You have obviously learned this. Job well done. You have won a loyal customer. Happy holidays, and God bless. Again, thank you.

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